Fix "Obtained IP address" and "Could not get IP address" on Android (2023)


The issue we are going to talk about in this article is this: an Android phone or tablet hangs on "Obtaining IP address" when connecting to a Wi-Fi network or says "Failed to obtain IP address" at the end.

TakenGetting IP addressIt is a very common Wi-Fi issue on Android devices. You can find it on all versions of the Android operating system.

The error appears when you try to connect to an already saved Wi-Fi network or after entering a password for a new wireless network.

How do you see?

The problem goes something like this: Turn on Wi-Fi, try to connect to your router, but your Android device won't connect to the Wi-Fi network.

When entering the wireless settings, you can see:“Connecting…”,"Obtaining IP address"o“Obtaining the IP address of”which continues in an infinite loop.

sometimes he says"Error obtaining IP address". The result of all these errors is the same: you are unable to connect to the Internet and as a result, you are unable to use most of your applications.

It must be said that you can encounter Wi-Fi "Obtaining IP Address" problem on any Android version from old 2.3.6 to Android 11.

The issue can occur on Samsung Galaxy, HTC, OnePlus and other devices. Often CyanogenMod users suffer from the same glitch.

So you can experience the guide on any Android smartphone or tablet. The steps are basically the same for all makes and models. so let's find outhow to fix "Obtaining IP address" and "Failed to obtain IP address" when connecting to WiFi on Android.

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What are the causes of these Wi-Fi errors on Android?

There are several possible reasons for infinite loop error "Obtaining IP address" and "Failed to obtain IP address" on Android.

Here are some of them:

  • Weak signal.
  • Wi-Fi security settings have been changed on the router.
  • Router failure.
  • Failure of your Android smartphone (tablet).
  • DNS- related problem.
  • The wireless MAC filtering feature has been enabled on the router.
  • Wireless interference.

15 Ways to Fix Wi-Fi "Obtaining IP Address" and "Failed to Obtain IP Address" Errors on Android

Below you will find ALL possible solutions to fix this Wi-Fi related issue: from the simplest to the most complicated.Some of them may seem ridiculous to you, but it's better to try them all.

Solution 1. Reconnect to Wi-Fi network

First of all, you should try these simple actions:

  • Forget your Wi-Fi network:
  • Tap again, enter the password and reconnect.

Solution 2. Restart Wi-Fi Router and Android Device

Restart all devices to rule out random failures. For example, to reset the TP-Link router, you need to log in to the router's web interface and go toSystem Tools - Restartand clickRestartbutton:

To restart your Samsung Galaxy device, you need to hold down the keypower buttonand then touchResume:

Fix "Obtained IP address" and "Could not get IP address" on Android (3)

Notice! We recommend that you perform a hard reset on your Android phone or tablet instead of toggling Airplane mode on and off. You need to restart the operating system, but not just the wireless modules.

Solution 3. Change the name of your Android device

Possible reason: Rare crash on HTC devices.Go to Wi-Fi Direct settings and change your device name. Here you need to change the hostname which looks like 'android_909892' to any simple English word, for example 'HTC One' or 'John'.

Solution 4. Switch to WPA2-PSK with AES on the router

  • go to therouter web interface. If you don't know your router's IP address, readour article on how to find router IP address on Android.
  • find itwireless securitypage or something similar.
  • selectWPA2-PSKas your safe mode.
  • selectAESas the encryption type.
  • give a clicksave settingsoTo save.
  • To forgetyour red Wi-Fi on Android:
  • Reconnect it:

It is not recommended to use TKIP encryption or WEP security mode.

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Solution 5. Disable Private DNS on Android

Private DNS can, surprisingly, be to blame for network failure. Several users on the forums reported that they faced the “Failed to get IP address” error until they tried to disable private DNS during troubleshooting. And suddenly it worked. This issue was found on Android 10 Q and Android 9 Pie.

Fix "Obtained IP address" and "Could not get IP address" on Android (8)

Why private DNS causes a network conflict, resulting in the error, is unclear at this time.

Solution 6. Disable MAC filtering on your router

The router might be rejecting your Android device by MAC address. If the MAC filter feature is enabled and your device's MAC address is not whitelisted (or present in the blacklist), you will face endlessly “obtaining IP address” stuck on your Android.

To fix this, go to your router settings, search formac filteringsettings and make sure your Android device MAC address is not blacklisted (ifblacklist modeis enabled) or is present in the White List (ifwhite list modeIs enabled).

It would be better to temporarily turn off the MAC filter just to understand if it causes the problem of catching IP address loop when connected to wifi:

You can always turn it back on and add your device to the whitelist (or remove it from the blacklist).

Solution 7. Reduce the distance between the router (or AP) and your Android device

Possible reason: the signal is weak.

Don't stop reading this paragraph! It is very important to understand that when the distance between your router and Android is too long, you may encounter loops.Getting IP address.

This happens because the transmitter of the router is more powerful than that of an Android device. Thus, the signal from the router reaches your smartphone or tablet, but the response does not reach the router.

So it looks like your android device sees the wifi network but is unable to connect to it and get an IP address successfully.

Please try to reduce the distance between the router or AP and your Android device. If the router is yours, try to geolocate it in the middle of your house or apartment.

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Also remember that walls and floors can weaken the Wi-Fi signal more than you think. you

In some cases, a wall can interrupt the signal, so that the client device cannot connect to the router, even if the router is right behind that wall.

Solution 8. Change the wireless channel

Possible reason: wireless interference.In very rare cases, you will have “Failed to get IP address” if any nearby networks interfere with your router’s Wi-Fi. WearWi-Fi Analyzerapp to select the best wireless channel for your router:

Fix "Obtained IP address" and "Could not get IP address" on Android (10)

Solution 9. Download and Install a Wi-Fi Fix App

Many users report that the WiFi Fix app has solved the problem of endless IP address retrieval. You can also try these apps on the Google Play Store.

Solution 10. Disable network notification

OrSettings→ Connections→ Wi-Fi→ Advancedand turn offNetwork notification:

Solution 11. Assign a static IP address to your Android device

This is not a complete solution, just an irregular solution. But if you are unable to fix Obtaining IP address loop or Failed to get IP address error on your Android then you can apply it as a temporary solution.

Follow this guide to manually assign a static IP to your smartphone or tablet.

  • Go to Settings → Connections → Wi-Fi → Enable Wi-Fi.
  • Tap and hold your network name.
  • selectModify network settings:
  • set checkboxshow advanced optionsand scroll down:
  • EmIP configurationselectStatic.
  • EmIP addressfield changes the last octet. Specify, for example, instead of your current address.
  • tap onTo save.

Note that you need to know the router's IP address to use this solution.Here we wrote about how to find it on an Android device.

If you are unable to access the Internet after assigning static IP, please try again.Staticconfiguration and complete theportadirection andDNS1. In most cases, both should contain your router's IP address.

Solution 12. Reset Network Settings on Android

All modern phones and tablets running one of the latest Android versions support resetting network settings without deleting apps and data.

So, you should try this option to try to get rid of Failed to get IP address error before opting to factory reset your device.

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  • OrSettings – System – Reboot Options,
  • selectReset Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth,
  • tapReset settings.
  • and confirm the action by entering your pattern or another security code.
Fix "Obtained IP address" and "Could not get IP address" on Android (15)

Solution 13. Clear Google Play Services cache

I have faced cases where the failure of Google Play services seemed to be the reason why the “Failed to get IP address” error occurred on certain Android phones.

  • OrSettings - Applications (Applications and Notifications);
  • tap onSee all apps;
  • Tap the three dots and selectShow system;
  • MeetGoogle Play Servicesin the list and tap on it;
  • selectstorage and caching;
  • And finally the time has comeLimpar hides:Fix "Obtained IP address" and "Could not get IP address" on Android (16)

Solution 14. Reset your Android device to factory settings

In some cases "Failed to get IP address"The error arises as a result of malware activity. A Trojan or virus can damage the system and cause unforeseen consequences.

1. Scan your Android device withAplicativo Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

2. Try resetting your Android if nothing helps to resolve the issue with Wi-Fi. Don't forget to back up all your photos, videos and music. then go toSettings→ Accounts→ Backup & Reset→ Factory Data Resetand touchRESTART THE DEVICE:

Solution 15 – Reboot your wireless router

First, make sure you know all the credentials for authorization at your ISP: write down or save in a text document your connection type (PPPoE, L2TP, dynamic IP), as well as your username, password and even the address Currently used MAC of your WAN port (in case your ISP rejects connections from unregistered MAC addresses).

Then reset the router to factory defaults using the web interface or the hard reset button on the unit.

Once the factory reset is complete, configure your wireless router from scratch.


As you understand, there are several reasons for the error and different methods of fixing it, respectively. We hope that our guide helped you to get rid of the problem and never see it again”Failed to get IP address” on your Android device.

These are all the solutions we know of. You can suggest yours in the comments. Thank you and have a nice day!

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The article was originally published on July 4, 2016, but is regularly updated.


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