How to fix Division 2 crashing on PC [FULL FIX] (2023)

How to fix Division 2 crashing on PC [FULL FIX] (1)

2nd division crasheswhen playing on PC? So rest assured, so manysecond division playershave the same problem and looking for ways to fix it.

Well, our experts have tried some fixes that work for many players to fix them.Division 2 crashing issue.And if you are the one who is dealing with the division 2 continuous crashing problem then luckily you are in the right place!

Today in this article I am listing the expert solutionsFix Division 2 freezes and crashes on Windows 10Result.

But first, look at some of the most common reasons that cause this.Crashing and freezing issue with your Division 2 game.

What is causing The Division 2 crashing issue?

Well, there are few culprits that cause conflict and lead to aDivision 2 crash issueswhen trying to play on a Windows 10 PC. Check out some of them below:

  • Due to corrupted or missing game files
  • Outdated or corrupt graphics card drivers can also cause a crashing issue
  • Incompatibility issues with other programs
  • The paging file size is insufficient or there is not enough memory to run the game
  • CPU overclocking is another possible reason
  • Your system does not meet the necessary specifications to run the game

These are some of the possible reasons and if you are not sure which one is causing crashing or freezing issues then try the given solutions one by one until you find the one that works for you.

But first, make sure your system meets the system requirementsRun Division 2 game.

System requirements for Division 2:

Now if the PC/Laptop meets the system requirements to run the Division 2 game, just access the solutions:

FPS: 1080p | 30FPS: 1080p | 60FPS: 1440p | 60FPS:4K | 60
CPU: AMD FX-6350 | Intel Core i5-2500K (SSE 4.2 and AVX support required)CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1500X | Intel Core i7-4790 (SSE 4.2 and AVX support required)CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X | Intel Core i7-6700K (SSE 4.2 and AVX support required)CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X | Intel Core i7-8700X (SSE 4.2 and AVX support required)
graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 280X | Nvidia Geforce GTX 780graphics card: AMD RX480 | Nvidia GeForce GTX 970graphics card: AMD RX Vega 56 | Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070graphics card: AMDRadeonVII | Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080TI
DIRECT X: DirectX 11 | 12DIRECT X: DirectX12DIRECT X: DirectX12DIRECT X: DirectX12
operational system: Windows 7 SP1 de 64 bits | 8.1 | 10operational system: Windows 10 de 64 bitsoperational system: Windows 10 de 64 bitsoperational system: Windows 10 de 64 bits

What to do when The Division 2 crashes and freezes?


(Video) This 5 MINUTE FIX Made The Division 2 Playable On PC! And It's NOT From Ubisoft...

Solution 1: Download the latest game patch

Usually, PC games have issues since their release, and to fix the game bugs, developers start releasing patches.

Likewise, developers ofdepartment 2, regularly releases game patches to fix various game bugs and crashes.

So before starting with the solutions here it is suggested to visitUplay official websiteand check the latest game patch. But if you don't find anything then start with the given solutions.

Solution 2: Check game files

Well, if the game filesmissing or damaged,so you can meetDivision 2 keeps crashingnot your PC.

So here it is recommended to check and repair game files. could you playDivision 2 on different platforms, so check below the platform you are running and follow the appropriate steps:

For steam:

If you run Steam to play2nd division games,Then follow the steps to fix it.The Division 2 corrupted game files.

To do this, follow the steps:

  • startvapor> Now select theLibrary tab..
  • Now in playlists > right clickdepartment 2> clique
  • so inpopup window> click nolocal filestab > selectCheck the integrity of the game cache.

How to fix Division 2 crashing on PC [FULL FIX] (2)

  • Now wait for the game files verification to finish > clickNear.

For Epic Game Launchers:

If you play the game onepic games launcher,Then follow the steps to verify the game files:

  • startepic games launcher> clique
  • Now choose theDivision 2 settings icon
  • Then in the popup window > click onConfirm to start verifying The Division 2 game files.

How to fix Division 2 crashing on PC [FULL FIX] (3)

  • Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

After the repair process is completed, launch the game and check if theDivision 2 crash issueis fixed or not.

Solution 3: Update the graphics driver

As mentioned above, faulty or corrupt graphics card driver can cause thisDivision 2 keeps crashing.Check for outdated drivers and update them.

(Video) The Division 2 - Crash Fix!

To do this, follow the steps:

  • First click with the right mouse buttonstart menu> type in the search fielddevice Managerand open it.
  • next double clickVideo Adapter> Now right clickgraphics card> selectatualize drivers.
  • choose nowAutomatic search for updated driver software

How to fix Division 2 crashing on PC [FULL FIX] (4)

  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Restart your computer and check if the split 2 freeze is fixed or not.

Solution 4: Change compatibility settings

You can try oneDivision 2 crash issuesif some program settings are not compatible with the Windows operating system.

And try to fix itChange game compatibility settings.

To do this, follow the steps:

  • Go to the location where the Division 2 game is installed.
  • And in the installation folder > right click on theTheDivision.exeFile > selectFeatures.
  • Switch to in popup windowcompatibilitytab > clickChange high DPI settings.

How to fix Division 2 crashing on PC [FULL FIX] (5)

  • check belowOverride high DPI scaling behavior> choosesubscriptionfor thescale performed byOption > clickOK.

How to fix Division 2 crashing on PC [FULL FIX] (6)

  • And how do you get back tothe propertiesWindow > selectDisable fullscreen optimizations> meetOKto save the changed settings.

Then restart and run the game to verifyDivision 2 keeps crashing when disconnected.But if not then follow the next solution.

Solution 5: Increase virtual memory

To fix The Division 2 game crashing issue, you can change thepage file size. It ispaging filealso calledvirtual memoryand it works likesecondary memory.

With more RAM, programs on your computer can run quickly and smoothly. So this can happenDivision 2 crash issueoccurs due tolow virtual memory.

So, follow these steps to increase virtual memory:

(Video) How to fix Division 2 crashing on PC - Reddit confirmed

  • PressVitória + R-Key> and into runwindow > typeto controlcoupOKOpenSwitchboard.

How to fix Division 2 crashing on PC [FULL FIX] (7)

  • Then type in the search boxprogressive> cliqueShow advanced system settings
  • And in the popup window, under Performance section > clickDefinitions
  • switch toAdvanced tab> cliquechangeunderVirtual memory option

How to fix Division 2 crashing on PC [FULL FIX] (8)

  • Verify NowAutomatically manage paging file size for all drives> cliqueOKto save the settings.

And when you're done, try to walkdepartment 2and check if theHanging or freezing issuefixed or follow the next solution.

Solution 6: Disable Overclocking

Overclocking is another possible reason for this.Division 2 crash issue🇧🇷 Overclocking the speed of hardware components weakens the constancy of the running program and therefore theDivision 2 launch errors.

Make sure you have overclocked componentsRAM, CPU ou GPUNow set the clock speed toOriginally

But if notoverclocked components> then reduce theclock rate approx. 10%and check whether the game crashes anymore or not.

Solution 7: Lower the game's graphics settings

If none of the solutions works for you, then try lowering the game's graphics settings by following the mentioned steps. This works for many users.Fixed The Division 2 crashing and freezing issues.

  • Start the game andgame settings> click nogear icon> go toGraphics - shadow quality> adjustLowand change other settings as well.
  • Changefind treasuresvery deep.
  • thenTurn off contact shadows.
  • changeparticle detailforhoch.
  • Phrasequality of reflectionforLow.
  • then switchvegetation qualityforQuite.
  • eDisable local reflection quality.
  • changeambient occlusionforQuite.
  • Now set theobject detailvalue for50.
  • and last setland qualityforQuite
  • cliqueOKto save all changes.

I hope now theDivision 2 crash issueit is completely fixed, if not then reinstall the division 2 game.

Hope the above solutions helped you to fix it.Division 2, low FPS, freezing and lag issues🇧🇷 But in case you are still facing the issue then run thisgame acceleratorto fix FPS and performance issues.

  • encourages play
  • Optimize game performance
  • Gets a better FPS rate
  • Make the game smooth for responsive gameplay

Pack things:

Tom Clancy's The Division 2is a fantastic online action RPG and very popular among gamers.

But according to users, while playing or installing the game, they face The Division 2 crashing issue and cannot play.

So here in this article I have shared all possible fixes to get rid of thisDivision 2 freezes and crashes.

(Video) Division 2 – How to Fix Crash/Crashing! | Complete 2022 Tutorial

Read the article to know how to stopDivision 2 crash issueand start the game without any problems.

But if you still can't play2nd division gameso it might happen that your PC is dealing with internal issues so here it is suggested to run thatPC-Reparatur-Tool.It will help you to fix computer issues and errors easily.

The article is expected to work in your case and you can play2nd division gameon your Windows 10 PC.

Still, we love hearing from you, so send us your comments or questions on our social media addresses –Facebook orTwitter.

Lots of luck..!

How to fix Division 2 crashing on PC [FULL FIX] (9)

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Hardeep has always been a Windows lover ever since she got her hands on her first Windows XP PC. She has always been passionate about technological things, especially artificial intelligence (AI) computing. Prior to joining PC Error Fix, she was a freelancer and worked on various technical projects.

(Video) How to Fix The Division 2 Crashing on PC



How do I stop Division 2 from crashing on my computer? ›

What to do if your game keeps on crashing?
  1. Install the latest drivers. Press Win Key + X and choose Device Manager.
  2. Install the necessary software.
  3. Make sure the PC doesn't overheat.
  4. Disable background programs.
  5. Disable the onboard sound device.
  6. Scan for malware.
  7. Check your Hardware.

Why does The Division 2 crash all the time? ›

Reasons for Division 2 Crashing

Missing or corrupted game files. Incompatibility problems. Inadequate page file size. Outdated or faulty graphics card driver.

What to do if a game keeps crashing on PC? ›

So, here we are with several troubleshooting methods to resolve the game crashing problem.
  1. 1: Restart Your PC and Try Again: ...
  2. Make Sure The Game Is Installed Correctly: ...
  3. Make Sure Your PC Meets The Specs: ...
  4. Update Your Video Drivers: ...
  5. Check For Virus: ...
  6. Run Your Games In Admin Mode: ...
  7. Update The Windows System:

Why is my game crashing so much? ›

Games can crash for reasons beyond (but not unrelated to) unsuitable hardware and operating systems. Video drivers, for instance, should be up-to-date, as should the game itself. To update your video drivers, visit the manufacturer's website and download the latest version of the driver.

Why does my PC keep crashing and how do you fix it? ›

The common reasons for computers keep crashing are but are not limited to: The display, power supply, or CPU is overheating. The internal hardware of the computer is loose. Software and hardware are incompatible.

How do I fix division crash? ›

How to Fix Tom Clancy's The Division Errors, Crashes, Not Starting, Performance Issues
  1. Download and install DriverFix.
  2. Launch the app and click Start Scan to locate driver errors.
  3. Click Update All Drivers Now to fix all errors.
Nov 22, 2022

Why does my game keep freezing then crashing? ›

Here is a list of main reasons that may cause your games to freeze in Windows 10/8/7: High CPU or RAM Memory usage. Graphics card low performance. Low Internet speed, unstable network connection.

Was the Division 2 a failure? ›

Ubisoft has revealed its financial successes and failures of the fiscal year, and its unfortunately not been the best year for the company.


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