Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (2023)

Before trying to figure out why your laptop won't connect to Wi-Fi, reset your router, restart your computer and try connecting to a different network.

Sometimes there is a problem with the network you always connect to, and when there are no others in range, it appears to be a problem with your laptop.

restart yourrouters and modemscan refresh the connection and be displayed again. You can also check with your ISP to make sure there are no network issues.

We've compiled a list of possible solutions to your laptop's network issue. One of them will solve your problem.


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How do I fix my laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi?

You need to make sure your laptop is up to date, there are no file errors, and your settings are correct. While there's always a chance that your Wi-Fi adapter is faulty and in need of repair, it's best to check everything you can before taking it to a professional technician.

Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on

Many laptops have a hotkey that turns Wi-Fi off and on. It is usually located on the top row of function keys, although this can vary by model. Make sure your laptop's WiFi is not turned off before starting.

It's easy to accidentally disable Wi-Fi when you just accidentally press a button.

Move closer to the access point:

This is child's play. First make sure thatThe physical Wi-Fi switch on your laptop is turned on(It is usually accompanied by an indicator light). If that's the case, the next thing you should try is moving closer to the router to see if that helps the laptop connect to WiFi.

Make sure Airplane mode is turned off:

  1. Go toTo startand thenIdeas.
  2. now go toNetwork and Internet.
  3. To chooseairplane modeand then see if it is turned off. Unlessturn it off. That should resolve your connection issues.Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (1)

Restart your modem and router

that is aSolution that works 90% of the timeand also what your ISP's tech support team will tell you what to try first when you call to report the problem.

Why does it work? Well, the same reason your computer works again after a reboot.

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Your modem and router are small computers. restart meansReboot and discard much of what previously caused the issue. Follow these steps to properly reset these devices:

  1. Unplug the power cordfor power supply routers and modems. (Some devices have a backup battery, so if the lights are still on after unplugging these devices, locate and remove the internal battery.)
  2. Wait at least 30 secondsafter turning off the modem and router. (This step is important because, as with most electronic devicesModems and routers use capacitors. And while they can't store a lot of energy, they can store enough to keep a memory chip running for a few seconds. If you wait 30 seconds, all capacitors will completely discharge, erasing every bit of memory. This allows for a clean boot.)
  3. Reconnect the modem and router to the power supplyafter another. (Wait for the modem LEDs to stop flashing before plugging in the router.)
  4. Wait at least a few minutes. I hope that's enough.

Run the troubleshooter

Another way to ensure that your Windows settings are correct is to run the troubleshooter. It automatically checks for problems with the connections to see if they can be fixed.

  • Right click on theInternet-symbolon your taskbar.
  • Cliquesolve problems.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (2)
  • To chooseW-lan.
  • CliqueNext.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process.

Prompts and steps vary depending on the specific problems Windows encounters.

Disable and enable wireless connection

  1. Go toTo startand thenIdeas.
  2. now go toNetwork and Internet.Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (3)
  3. To chooseW-lanand thenChange adapter settings.
  4. right clickon your wireless network, then clickdisable.Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (4)
  5. right clickback to the network, and then clickmake it possible. This might solve your problem.

Check your connection to the router

Check that your Wi-Fi connection can communicate with the router by performing a ping test. It lets you know that the two devices are communicating.

  • PressWindows-Taste + X.
  • To chooseWindows PowerShell(Administrator).
  • To chooseE.
  • Type it "ipconfig' without the quotes, and then pressProhibited.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (5)
  • to search forDefault-Gateway-AddressdoWi-Fi adapter.
  • Type it "Ring' without quotes and then the default gateway address. PressProhibited.

Check the results. If there is a response and no data loss, then you have a connection to the router. You should focus on solutions that fix modem and internet connection issues.

Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (6)

If there is no response, then your laptop will not connect to the router, and you should prioritize work on the computer and find out what is preventing this.

Make sure your router is broadcasting your Wi-Fi network correctly

  1. Get oneCabo Ethernetand use it for thatConnect your PC to the router.
  2. Open a web browserand type in the URL fieldIP address of WLAN routers. (This is usually192.168.1.1or172.16.0.0. Check your router's documentation for your router's default IP address.)
  3. You will be asked to do so.Enter username and password. (If this is your first time logging in, consult your router's documentation for the default username and password.)Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (7)
  4. Select from home screenwireless settings.
  5. Check here if there is an option that says something likeWireless SSID Broadcast or Enable SSID Broadcast is enabled. If not, do it. blowsave not computerand see if that solves your connection problem.Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (8)

Check if the cause of the problem is your ISP or your modem

  1. Go toTo startand in the search box type "command“.
  2. right clickat the command prompt and selectExecute as administrator.Grant the necessary permissions.Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (9)
  3. At the command prompt, type:ipconfigand then press Enter. In the following listingLook for Default Gateway and note the IP address listed next to it.
  4. Now type:ping followed by your default gateway IP addressand then press Enter. The result should be something like this.Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (10)
  5. If you are seeing the results listed above but still cannot connect to the Internet, this confirms that theThe problem is with your modem or with your internet service provider. You must call your ISP to report the problem.

Disable 802.1 1n mode on your network adapter

  1. Go toTo startand then type in the search boxdevice Managerand open it.
  2. Look for it in Device Managernetwork adapterand click on it to expand it.Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (11)
  3. Find your network adapter,right clickon it and selectCharacteristics.
  4. navigate toadvanced sectionand findModo 802.1 1nin the property list.
  5. Make sure the value is set todisabled person. Check if this solves your problem.Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (12)

Try to disable your firewall

Your firewall is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your computer, but it can sometimes interfere with your Wi-Fi network. Try turning off Windows Firewall to see if WiFi works when it's off. If you have more than one firewall installed, open the other firewall's management software and disable it there.

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  • PressWindows-Taste + X.
  • CliqueIdeas.
  • To search forFirewallfrom the search menu in the top left corner.
  • CliqueWindows Defender-Firewallno suspense menu
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (13)
  • CliqueTurn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (14)
  • To chooseDisable Windows Defender Firewall.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (15)
  • CliqueOK.
  • Try connecting to the internet again.
  • Return to the Firewall menu and turn it back on when finished.

Even if Wi-Fi starts working with the firewall turned off, you don't want to leave the firewall turned off forever. It makes your computer much less secure. Better check if you might have a second firewall that conflicts with Windows Defender Firewall. Someantivirus programfor example, use one.

You can also scroll through the list of apps managed by Windows Defender Firewall. Make sure everything you use to connect to the internet is allowed by the firewall.

Disable your antivirus software:

As with a firewall, check to see if the source of your network problem is the antivirus software installed on your computer. Follow these steps:

  1. Go toTo startand in the search box type "system and security“.
  2. click inCheck the status of your computer and solve problems.
  3. click inSecurityto expand it.
  4. Your antivirus software should be listed under Virus protection. Write down the name, go toTo startEtype his namein the search field.
  5. once yoursantivirus softwareit's open,turn it off. (This process varies by software. Check the documentation.)

Reset the TP/IP stack

Sometimes you need to update your settings to get Wi-Fi working again. Typing these commands will get you a new connection and help remove any old or corrupted files that are preventing your internet from working.

  • PressWindows-Taste + X.
  • CliqueWindows PowerShell(Administrator).
  • CliqueE.
  • Type the following commands and press Enter after each one.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (16)
    • redefinir netsh winsock
    • netsh int ip redefinir
    • ipconfig /release
    • ipconfig /refresh
    • ipconfig /flushdns
  • Starting overyour computer and try connecting to the Internet again.

If you still cannot connect to the Internet, your laptop should be checked by a technician. There may be a problem with the hardware.

disable the driver

Sometimes the driver itself fails even if it is updated to the latest version. When that happens, disabling and enabling is like turning something off and then on again to fix it. The process can fix bugs that went unreported and get your WiFi working again.

  • Opendevice Manager.
  • Right click on yourdriver wi-fi.
  • Cliquedisable driver.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (17)
  • Starting overyour computer.
  • Open Device Manager again.
  • Right click on your WiFi driver.
  • Cliqueactivate driver.

When finished, try connecting to an available Wi-Fi network again.

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update all

Keeping your computer's operating system and drivers up to date is one of the best ways to ensure stability. If you take good care of your computer, it can last longer. If you've been putting off installing updates and checking for new drivers, there's never been a better time than now.

Connect your computer to an Ethernet connection if possible, or set up an external Wi-Fi card to connect to a network. If you can't do either of those things, you'll need to check the manufacturer's website for network driver updates.

Update Windows online

  • tightenWindows-Tasteand typeCheck for updates. Click on the corresponding result.
  • CliqueCheck for updates.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (18)
  • Follow the instructions to install the updates once the process is complete.
  • Starting overyour computer.

Update Windows offline

  • Connect an empty USB drive to a computer with Internet access.
  • Go tomedia creation tooldownload page.
  • CliqueDownload the tool now.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (19)
  • Run the file once the download is complete.
  • To chooseCreate installation mediaand then click Next.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (20)
  • Select the language, edition and architecture of your laptop's Windows 10 installation.
  • CliqueNext.
  • To choosePendriveand then click Next.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (21)
  • To choosecorrect flash driveand then click Next.
  • CliqueFim.
  • Safely remove the USB from the computer and plug it into your laptop.
  • CliqueSetup.exena paste USB.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (22)
  • Save your files and settings.
  • Click Next and then clickTo install.

After completing this process, you should have the latest version of Windows on your PC.

Atualizar drivers on-line

  • PressWindows-Taste + X.
  • To choosedevice Manager.
  • expand thisnetwork adapterCategory.
  • Right-click on your Wi-Fi adapter and selectupdate drivers.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (23)
  • Let Windows search for a driver.
  • follow the directionsinstall the driver.

Update drivers offline

  • PlugApendriveon a computer with internet access.
  • Visityour Wi-Fi adapter manufacturer's website.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (24)
  • Find the latest drivers for your specific hardware.
  • Downloadthem to the USB drive.
  • saferemovedyour computer's USB drive.
  • Plugthe USB into your laptop.
  • Opendevice Manager.
  • Right click on yourWi-Fi adapter.
  • To chooseupdate drivers.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (25)
  • CliqueSearch for drivers on my computer.
    Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (26)
  • Select the folder with the drivers and click Next.
  • Follow the instructions to update your drivers.

After following these steps, your computer should be updated.

Get the WiFi network report:

If all else fails, consider creating a wireless network report. This report provides a summary of each element of your wireless network, data that you can provide to experts who can help you resolve your issue.

see how youGenerate a wireless network report:

  1. Go toTo startand in the search box type "command“.
  2. right clickat the command prompt and selectExecute as administrator. Grant the necessary permissions.
  3. At the command prompt, type:show netsh report wlan wlanand then press Enter.Laptop not connecting to WiFi? 16 solutions (27)
  4. This command generates the wireless network report and saves it as an HTML file. The location will be listed at the command prompt. You can open the report in your browser and forward it to experts for further analysis. or you couldAnalyze the report yourself.

I hope one of these solutions helped to resolve your issue.

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common questions

Why can't my laptop connect to Wi-Fi but my phone can?

This usually means there is a problem with your laptop's WiFi settings. If the Wi-Fi router is online and active, the laptop should connect to it. Most of the time, you can fix this by simply troubleshooting it rather than replacing the hardware.

Is Your HP Laptop Wi-Fi Not Working?

This depends on your HP laptop model. Some have a row of lighted buttons you can press to turn WiFi on and off. If it's orange, it's off. Others use a function key for the same purpose.


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